Getting married, Its probably your first wedding and maybe not but you still have those questions. Here is a collection of questions I have been asked from couples over the years and some just out right advice I have given couples when they are looking into booking wedding photography services. If you still have questions or concerns after going through this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime.  

So here we go 🙂

How soon in the wedding planning process should I book my wedding photography?

Straight out the shoot I say 8-10 months prior but I always add to that, once you have your venue booked get with all the vendors you DO want and book them then. If you put it off then when you are ready to book they may no longer be available .
Also consider other factors like popular summer months May, June, July and Holidays then I would say 12-16 months at the least.

How do we secure our wedding date with you?

You must have a contract with us and you must had paid the required retainer which is 30% of the package.

When do you arrive and leave on the wedding day?

We work with the timeline that works best for your wedding. This would be discussed at a consult after we know more about the day. 

Do you photograph during dinner?

No we try to avoid that, its kinda intrusive to be photographing guest as they are eating, and let face it we don’t look good in a photo munching down on lavish dinner. We use this time to catch up on any details we have not shot and maybe try to seek a lil nourishment for our selves. 

Are guest allowed to take photos at the wedding?

Everyone is excited about the wedding day, we get that, and we are happy for them to do so as long as they do not interfere with our job. And one thing that probably messes up most formals is when someone is standing next to us when we are shooting the one or two of the individuals being photographed that’s supposed to be focused on us is looking at Aunt Mae and her camera which leads to not a good portrait. It truly is best to ask your guest to unplug at your wedding especially during the ceremony and formals. Click here to check this article referencing unplugging

How long does it take to photography formals?

Formals you are looking at about a hour, this is done usually between the ceremony and reception, unless you do a reveal prior to ceremony. The actual time needed depends on what the couple wants, the size of the family and wedding party. 

Do you do touch ups?

Yes only on photos that have been ordered through us, album, wall art, etc…) will be hand touched and edited. None of us are perfect. None of us have perfect skin and could probably use a little help, Those faces we see on the cover of magazines and in media all have had some form of retouching. 

How many images can we expect?

Well, that depends back to how big is the family the wedding party etc.. but you can at-least expect 70-100 images per coverage hour. 

Can I make copies of the wedding images sent to me?

With out a doubt we encourage it, we are excited that you love your photos enough to share, but we ask that you be respectful and not alter the images and give LightHeart Photography credit in a blurb or something so its recognized as our work.

Do you give usage rights for the client to print?

Yes we do and they are free from the water mark 

Do you have online galleries?

Online galleries are included form family and friends to view and order images. This is feature is usually posted 2-3 weeks after the wedding.

Do you except Credit Cards?

yes, we except mastercard, visa, and discover

Do you sell products or do we have get them printed ourselves?

LightHeart Photography offers the highest quality products to carry your big day with you long after the session is over. We offer folio boxes, fine art albums, wrapped canvas, metal prints and much more. 


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